1.With advanced production equipment and high-quality management technicians, the factory strictly implements ISO9001:2000 quality management standards.

2.Established a complete quality management system from input (IQC), process (IPQC) final inspection (FQC), to shipment (OQC) and quality improvement.

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3.With multiple production lines, it can complete the whole production process from cutting, welding, terminal crimping, to assembly.

4.In the increasingly fierce market competition, the company always runs through the corporate culture of “teamwork, integrity management, innovation, and excellence” to win customers and develop customers. Our business philosophy is: details determine quality, quality determines the future .

5.The software is convenient and easy to learn, the operation is smooth, the element measurement method is more selective, the programming efficiency is high, the versatility is strong, the SPC report output is convenient and concise, and the CPK value and various control charts are practical.

6.Bus structure control system: a. Greatly improve response speed and reduce measurement real-time error b. Improve anti-interference ability and system reliability c. Bus structure full-closed control.



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